2012 Election- Keyword Freedom

Opinion Editorial by Terence Rosenthal

The nominee chosen to be the GOP candidate for president needs to center their candidacy on freedom and independence over government provision. In this election cycle, individual liberties pertaining to faith and family in the public forum are truly at stake. Freedom and independence regarding how American resources can be utilized, and liberties regarding how business is allowed to be conducted in the U.S. are at stake as well. Central to why the American economy is currently so unstable is the possibility that individuals and businesses will have less say in how they utilize American resources, and create wealth. Paul Ryan states, “A person’s faith is central to how they conduct themselves in public and private.” Freedom is central to who we are as Americans, how we wish to conduct our faith, and how we wish to prosper.  America is arguably facing more limitation on freedom now than it has in the past 35 years.

In terms of family structure, an alarming number of incidents have occurred when the state has asserted itself ahead of parents. One has to ask themselves if they are in a normal America when children in public school have their lunch apprehended because the state considers its role in American families more important than that of parents. It has also become a common occurrence for faith of any kind to be stifled in the public arena. More than ever, public symbols of faith related to government such as The Ten Commandments, and phrases like “One Nation Under G-D” are being uprooted from public squares in such a way that would be unheard of as recently as five years ago. President Obama  proposed a law in  which the state would be able to choose who it would deem qualified as pastors, or chaplains at religious institutions like churches and synagogues, even if the official they were to choose did not believe in that brand of faith. What is next, will hospitals have to defer to the government in hiring doctors even if they have never conducted surgery? Anything is possible in the two thousand pages of legislation that encompass Obamacare. Luckily the Supreme Court unanimously motioned against Obama’s proposal regarding government appointed pastors, maybe they will make the same decision regarding Obamacare.

The Republican Presidential candidate must ensure that more freedom will be granted in regards to the production of American resources. America has been blessed with the most abundant supply of natural gas in the world. U.S. prices for natural gas and coal are among the lowest worldwide. Major progress has been made in the production of cleaner coal. Expansion has also taken place regarding the usage of natural gas in the production of chemicals, plastics, and fertilizers. Pretty soon, many of the benefits of oil produces will be duplicated by natural gas. Coal will still be able to be used in the fueling of power plants, allowing greater possibility for further creation of electric vehicles and fleets. Once again, America has the potential to have a much larger import to export ratio. But one of the current obstacles standing in the way is the government’s ever shifting policies regarding land usage and drilling rights. While President Obama likes to say that he has approved the Keystone Pipeline, no one really knows when theCanadian portion of the pipeline will be approved. Obama also likes to say that drilling licenses and fuel production have boomed under his leadership. The fact is, most of the drilling licenses currently being were approved under George Bush. While attaining permits for drilling on federal lands is next to impossible, now the government wants to make fuel exploration on private lands less possible. Because of private production of American fuels, states like North Dakota, labeled “fly over country” are among the most favorable places to conduct business in the country.  If American freedom of enterprise becomes more limited, many of the jobs and monies created by projects like Bakken oil reserves will cease to exist, making Americans far less prosperous.

America is a nation where people are encouraged to proudly proclaim their faith no matter what it is. The Ten Commandments, and the phrase “One Nation Under G-D” help form the bedrock of ideals that make America uniquely different from anywhere else in the world. Most Americans, republican or democrat, who value prosperity, believe that freedom is a key element in achieving success.  What is interesting is that more laws and legislation are being made which attack the citizen’s right to self-govern. It is hard to imagine a government creating rules which undermine the structure and independence of a society.  One of the goals of government should be to allow people to find better ways of self-governance and independence. People who are capable of thinking for themselves actually cost the government less than those who lack foundation, and therefore need to turn to government for handouts. When government intrudes on faith, family and business, it negatively affects the success of the nation.

Freedom must be the main platform for the 2012 presidential election. Everyone from moderates to the conservative grassroots needs to realize how much their freedom and personal liberties have been compromised in the past three years. The GOP presidential candidate for 2012 must be bold in their approach, and give people the ability to perceive how more freedom and individual liberty can be converted into greater prosperity for the nation. In the past, American success was made possible when the federal government was doing everything it could to ensure liberty, and the ability for businesses and individuals to govern themselves. In 2012, this is what the candidate running against Barack Obama must promise to deliver.